Isle of Palms Weather

Isle of Palms Surf Report
Waves: At 7:51 am the surf is around knee to waist high and clean.

Buoy Information: Edisto Buoy data is reporting a wave height of 2.6 feet and wave intervals of 9 seconds.

Wind: Winds are out of the North Northeast at 7 mph and becoming more Easterly this afternoon.

Air temperature: 72 deg F with a forecast high near 84 deg F this afternoon.

Tides: H 6:33 am, L 12:50 pm, H 7:16 pm, L 1:30 am.
Water temperature: 85 deg F in the Charleston harbor.

Barometer: 30.07in. (Hg) of pressure and rising.

Other information: Clean conditions this morning with some knee to waist high short period breaks. Coming off of high tide the surf is in good form. Moderate cross offshore winds will shift from the East later today.

This surf report was updated on Friday August 28th, 2015 by Rick.

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