Isle of Palms Weather

Isle of Palms Surf Report

Waves: At 8:00AM waves 1-2 ft knee high good conditions

Buoy Information: Edisto Buoy is reporting a wave height 3.9 ft with dominant wave period intervals 10 seconds

Wind: Winds gentle 6 mph cross/onshore out of the NE. Wind gusts from NE between 6 and 14 mph.

Air temperature: 76 deg F with a forecast high near 86 deg F

Tides: L 9:57 AM H 4:32 PM L 10:48 PM H 4:59 AM

Water temperature: 86 deg F in the Charleston harbor

Barometer: 1016 mb and steady

Other information: Surf best today before high tide around 3pm 2-4 ft waist high fair to good conditions. Winds will be moderate 10 mph onshore from the ESE. Windswell will reach 3 ft from the ESE with a 10s swell interval.

IOP Parking: Parking is regulated along the public rights-of-way May 15 through September 15. For the details of where there is non-resident parking, click on the City of Isle of Palms seal on the upper left of this web page and navigate as follows. (1) Select "The Island" at the upper right of the IOP home page, and from the pull down menu click on "Beach"; (2) at the left of the Beach web page, click on "2016 Beach Season Parking".

This surf report was updated on Saturday August 27, 2016 by GSP

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