Isle of Palms Weather

Isle of Palms Surf Report

Waves: At 7:35 AM, the waves are thigh high and clean.

Buoy Information: Edisto Buoy is reporting a wave height of 4.3 feet and a wave period of 9 seconds.

Wind: 8 mph from the NNE (offshore), and forecast decrease to 6 mph from the SE (onshore) this afternoon.

Air temperature: 59 deg F with a forecast high of 73 deg F.

Tides: L 5:07 AM, H 11:25 AM, L 5:49 PM

Water temperature: 63 deg F in the Charleston harbor.

Barometer: 1016 mb and steady (Note that standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013 mb = 29.92 inHg.)

Other information: Waves are forecast to be in the thigh high range through Friday, and increase to stomach or chest high on the weekend.

Surfcam image updates: These typically occur every 2-4 seconds. However, there are 2-hour image freezes due to Comcast/Hostway firewall settings that occur once every week or two. So if the image is frozen, check back in two hours from the last image update time.

The surf report was updated on Tuesday December 1 by Jim Radley.

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