Isle of Palms Surf Report

Waves: At 8:10 am, the waves are knee high, clean, and cold.

Buoy Information: Edisto Buoy is reporting a wave height of 3.6 feet and a wave period of 5 seconds.

Wind: The wind is 10 mph from the NNW (offshore), and is forecast to decrease to 6 mph from the WNW (offshore) this afternoon.

Air temperature: 51 deg F, with a forecast high of 71 deg F.

Tides: L 1:21 am, H 7:47 am, L 1:55 pm, 7:53 pm

Water temperature: 72 deg F in the Charleston harbor.

Barometer: 1015 mb and steady. (Note that standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013 mb = 29.92 in Hg.)

Other information: Same forecast - small waves, sunny, and cooler temperatures through the weekend.

Surfcam image updates: These typically occur every 2-3 seconds, depending on such factors as network traffic and web server load. However, once every week or so, there are no image updates for a period of 30 minutes, the result of a combination of network congestion, file transfer protocol limitations, and web server timeout settings. So, if the image is not updating, check back in 30 minutes.

The surf report was updated on Thursday October 23 by Jim Radley.

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