Isle of Palms Weather

Isle of Palms Surf Report

Waves: At 8:00AM waves 1ft knee high clean beautiful conditions

Buoy Information: Edisto Buoy is reporting a wave height 4.3 ft with dominant wave period intervals 5 seconds

Wind: Winds currently are moderate 8 mph offshore out of the WSW. Wind gusts today will be between 16 and 23 mph from the W.

Air temperature: 81 deg F with a forecast high near 96 deg F

Tides: L 10:31AM H 4:46PM L 11:03PM H 5:10AM

Water temperature: 86 deg F in the Charleston harbor

Barometer: 1013 mb and steady

Other information: Surf today will be 1 ft knee high and until 3pm good clean conditions thanks to moderate offshore winds out of the W. Surf may pick up in size with incoming high tide around 3pm. Clean form we are currently experiencing may be mixed up after 3pm when we will see increasing SSW windswell 2.5ft with 4s interval.

This surf report was updated on Friday July 29, 2016 by GSP

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